I am a freelance Graphic Designer and owner of Aviary Creative, working in London, UK. This site represents work I completed while working in agencies as well as personal projects for my own clients.

TSB Bank

From September 2013, TSB (Trustee Savings Bank) returns to the British high street after an 18-year absence, with a focus on local customers and local businesses. While working at Rufus Leonard I led the creative development of the brand from inception of the redesigned logo and the marketing communications, to concept visualisation for new branch fascias and mobile apps.

After various iterations of a completely new design for the logo, it seemed that a subtle refinement of the original 80s version would bring the logo up-to-date while keeping the equity that already existed. The lettering within the logo has moved from a slab serif to sans serif font and has overlapping sections where the circles intersect to add depth and visual interest.

The new bank is formed from the separation of a 631-branch unit from Lloyds Banking Group, and overnight becomes the eighth largest high street bank with a 4.5m customer base. Aiming to bring more competition to the UK retail banking market, TSB will promise customers a return to localised banking, with named branch managers, opening up unused space in branches for the benefit of local businesses, and the prospect of a local economy index to show how savers' deposits are being put to work into the local economy.

TSB will have 4.3% of the UK's current-account market, with a separate balance sheet containing approximately £25bn of savings.

The newly formed bank has 8,500 staff, and its branches span the length and breadth of the UK – from Cornwall in the South to Scotland in the North – one of only three British banking brands to do so.