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London Philharmonic Orchestra – Rebrand

The London Philharmonic Orchestra has been performing at Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall since it opened in 1951, becoming Resident Orchestra in 1992. It also works with the Hollywood and UK film industries, recording soundtracks for blockbuster motion pictures including the Oscar-winning score for The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The brief was to create a more contemporary look and feel for the Orchestra, refreshing their existing logo, brand communications and website.

The idea
A number of options were presented but the client chose the logo incorporating the star, as it was the most natural progression from their existing identity. The new star icon has 5 points to represent the four sections of an orchestra plus the conductor, and was positioned over the third and ‘stressed’ syllable of the word Philharmonic, in much the same way as certain notes of a tune are stressed more than others when played.