I am a freelance Graphic Designer and owner of Aviary Creative, working in London, UK. This site represents work I completed while working in agencies as well as personal projects for my own clients.

Lloyds TSB Retail

Lloyds TSB has more high street branches than any other bank in the UK, so while at Rufus Leonard, we were asked to review the retail communications approach to build advocacy amongst customers post credit crunch, establishing the bank as the definitive brand in the market, and define itself from its competitors.

The banking crisis led to all major banks to look at their existing customer base, try to stabilise their reputation and to be seen to help in tough times. In addition, new entrants to the banking market, (e.g. Tesco, Metro Bank, Virgin Money) were trying to attract disillusioned switchers. Lloyds TSB wanted to launch a number of category leading messages with clear customer benefits.

The idea
‘Leading by example’ was developed as a means of moving onto the front foot with messaging, communicating Lloyds TSB’s points of difference with confidence and clarity. Research helped identify three core themes – advice, control and accessibility – which resonated with the customers. These themes were then brought to life with various tactical campaigns.

Thinking about the entire customer journey from ATM machines and outside the branch, through to touchpoints within the branch environment, this project showed how we could enhance the visibility of the core illustration assets while using language that showed how Lloyds TSB was leading by example to try and regain some of the trust that had been lost due to the financial crisis.