I am a freelance Graphic Designer and owner of Aviary Creative, working in London, UK. This site represents work I completed while working in agencies as well as personal projects for my own clients.

Lloyds TSB London 2012

While at Rufus Leonard, ever since the original bid by Lloyds TSB to be part of 2012, I  worked on projects to create an ownable community and branch experience, that bring brand and sponsorship together in a distinctive way.

Lloyds TSB were keen for customers and colleagues to be aware of their partnership with London 2012 and understand what it means to them by feeling that they have the opportunity to get involved and benefit from 2012 activations. Their vision as Official Partner was to inspire and support young people, communities and businesses across the UK on their journey to London 2012. This in turn creates a more positive feeling about the brand, driving brand consideration and recommendation.

The customer proposition was: bringing the Games closer to you, and Lloyds TSB wanted each of their customers to think: “Lloyds TSB is making the London 2012 Games real to me and my community – now and up to London 2012. I feel I can get involved and benefit from my bank being part of this unique experience”.